2019 Trends – Attainable trends that is!

2019 Trends – Attainable trends that is!

It’s the beginning of the year in 2019, which means there’s a big chance you’re still riding the #newyearnewme wave. Maybe you want to make a drastic change, but you don’t know what to do.
Should you get bangs again? That’s always a giant risk. You could chop off your hair, but the moment you do it you’ll miss your long hair. You could change the interior of your home, but there’s a possibility that you don’t want to commit to new pieces of furniture.
AMY eases the fear of commitment, by allowing people to rent furniture over shorter periods of time at a budget they can afford. This way, you can get that velvet sofa you’ve been eyeing up forever and not have to worry about all the added stress that comes with it.
If you’re looking for a couple of inspiration ideas or just somewhere to start, we’ve compiled a list of interior design trends for 2019 that are going to make your home Pinterest-worthy.


1. Velvet Fabrics

Do you want to walk into your home and feel like you’ve stepped into a palace form 1900’s France? Or have a luxurious statement piece? Velvet is the way to go.
It combines luxury with a unique style of its own, with new technology helping the fabric become more fade resistant and have longer wear.



2. Dark Grey

It’s no question that grey is the colour that goes with everything. Dark grey is coming back with a force this year, offering a lot of drama.
It also works as a neutralizer for other, bolder colours.



3. Mid-Century Modern

While it never really went out of style, mid-century modern is making more of a re- appearance this year now more than ever.
Clean legs, tapered legs, and tweed elements are all part of the style that it encompasses.