Cheap Furniture No MORE! #ThereIsANewWay

Have you ever stopped for a second to think about just how expensive buying furniture is?


Sure, maybe not an item at a time, but if you were to buy a roomful, that would be an equivalent of buying a wardrobe at Aritzia. Or, in student terms, buying a year’s worth of textbooks for school.


If you’re a young adult just starting out into the world and being birthed into the womb of life, you understand how difficult it is to start from afresh. When you first move out, half the stuff that fills your apartment is either your parents, already comes with the apartment, or is from a thrifted store twice removed.


Chances are, if you’re trying to make it big and have big aspirations of living out in the city right away, you can’t afford snazzy new furniture and a great apartment with a prime location. It’s usually one or the other, and the latter is usually the option people lean towards more, deciding to save their ideal home for later down the line..


However, you also want your place to end up being somewhere you can bring people over to, whether that’s friends, family, or that appealing new Tinder date you’ve been chatting up for a while.

You definitely don’t want to be that person who ends up being quoted on Jimmy Fallon’s #worstfirstdate stories for having patio furniture instead of actual chairs. While Joey and Chandler pulled it off in Friends, in real life? Not so much.


That’s why AMY Inspired was created. It’s a digital e-commerce furniture platform that designed with young adults in mind, so that they don’t have to give up one or the other. It has an interior designer built in named AMY (which stands for Amazing Memorable Years), which personalizes all the options they offer you based on your tastes, and even delivers every single item to your home for free.


You can rent your dream furniture for an accessible amount a month, have the apartment you want, and if you’re lucky, end up on a Buzzfeed list for best first date by impressing the person you bring over with your killer interior vibes.