Sunshine Cleaning? Move Over Amy Adams, It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. 

The fresh smell of warm rain, the scent of flowers blooming, the sunshine finally peeking through the clouds and making us all feel human again. 


But the arrival of spring also means that all the dust and dirt that creeped into the crevices and nooks of your home is being shone a light on. The re-appearance of dust and clutter means only one thing: spring cleaning! 


We’ve put together a list of our favourite spring cleaning tips to get your home sparkling — you won’t even remember what dust looks like by the end of it. 


  1. Microfiber cloths are a lifesaver 

The revolutionary microfibre cloth is multipurpose and can be used for any surface. Windows, counters, you name it. 


It has a high absorbency level, meaning that no matter the content you’re picking up (dirt, grease, dust, bacteria, liquid), you’ll be sure to pick it all up. No more wishing you had Helen Parr’s extendable arms to reach into those hard to get corners. 


ii. Lint rollers aren’t just for pets anymore 

Those roller balls that you normally use to get rid of the residue your pet leaves everywhere? Turns out they’re multifunctional. Lint rollers can also be used to clean the dust off of your curtains, lampshades, bathroom shelves, under shelving, and furniture!


iii. Try To Go Green 

While this has a variety of meanings, the main one to take away from this is: try to go chemical-free. 


Going chemical-free has several advantages, including being environmentally-friendly. If you’re stuck on how to get started, try steam cleaning or creating cleaning solutions from the products in your home! The easiest mix is vinegar, water, and baking soda. 


iv. Check Your Air 

Sunshine brings fresh air outside, but what about inside? 


Try an air purifier in your home! Dust that accumulates over the winter is easy to look over, but the truth is, the dust particles build up and get stuck in the air filters that are located throughout the house, entering our airways and changing our air quality. 


Especially those with allergies, clean air will be a breath of fresh air (no pun intended). 


v. And Lastly, Declutter!

Spring brings new beginnings, and with that, it’s time for a change! Whether that means donating all your old clothes you don’t wear anymore or re-organizing your pantry, declutter whatever feels right to you. In Marie Kondo’s words, “does it spark joy?”