Honey, I Shrunk The Space: Design Version

It’s the year 2040. All you can afford is a 250 square foot apartment, because housing prices in Vancouver have escalated so much that you desperately want a place in the city, but not from that weird person who’s renting their closet out.


So the question is, how do you design a small space while still making it feel spacious and homey?


We’ve put together our essential hacks to make a small space feel large and full of life. Read on!


  1. Dual Purpose Of Multi-Use Items

AMY Inspired Furniture Small Spaces


The key to making a small space look bigger? Ensuring that pieces in your home are multi-functional.

Think up instead of the horizontal vertical use of spaces (hanging wall storage, vertical greenery), think flexible usage of items in your home.


Disappearing desks, fold out dining tables, wall shelves—all of these items have one thing in common: efficiency. When in a small space, the better multi-use of everyday items is key.


2. Stay Neutral

AMY Inspired Furniture Small Spaces


Instead of trying to disguise the fact that the space is small with loud colours, try to stay as neutral as possible. An overuse of colour can make a room seem cluttered.


Clean, crisp rooms with subtle pops of colour work best, and the idea of sticking with a consistent theme throughout the house plays well into the illusion of making the space look even more spacious.


3. Open Spaced Concept 

AMY Inspired Furniture Small Spaces


While creating an open spaced concept can be difficult when renting out a place, there are little touches one can add to a space to make it seem more open. If you have a home that’s cut up into many small rooms, replacing doors with see-through alternatives can instantly open up a space, says Bobby Berk of Queer Eye.


Not only that, but glass shelving and bookcases reduce the concept of clutter and allow more light in, making an area instantly feel bigger. An additional use of mirrors and extra lighting will enhance a room even more.


4. Focus On Rooms You Use The Most  

AMY Inspired Furniture Small Spaces


The biggest key to making the best use of a small space is to get rid of rooms that aren’t essential to you. Don’t need a dining room setup because you like to eat while watching TV to unwind? Invest in a sturdy coffee table instead!


Spend your money into the areas of your house where you spend the most time, and your space will be better for it.


5. Finally ¦ Keep Things Clean!



The smaller the space, the quicker a mess can multiply and soon it’ll feel like you’re living in a dystopian wasteland.


The less clutter, the better! Ensure that everything has a home and that you clean as you go. It’s slightly tedious, but definitely worth it in the end.