What Is A Circular Economy, Anyway?

The term “circular economy” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to companies becoming more and more sustainable. But what does it actually mean?


A circular economy basically means that instead of the linear economy that humans follow (the kind where we create, use, and then dispose), it focuses on making the most of resources, using them as much as possible and minimizing waste at the same time.


AMY Inspired Circular Economy


Linear Economy 

The current linear economy that humans function on focuses less on sustainability, and more on using all the resources that are available to us regardless of the consequences that follow.  

A linear economy is not feasible in the long term, which is why companies are slowly shifting over to the concept of a circular economy.

Circular Economy


AMY Inspired Circular Economy


The idea behind a circular economy not only reduces waste, but builds capital simultaneously. So the question is, how do we take our waste and use it to our advantage?


Instead of throwing away items like we’re used to, circular economies help adopt the idea of returning and renewing items, where items get regenerated after being disassembled. This way, items can be reusable (and compostable, depending on the product). Being a part of a circular economy is just as profitable, with no reduction in the quality of products.


As Jack Johnson once put it, “reduce, reuse, recycle.”


What’s AMY’s Role In All This?


AMY Inspired actively takes part in the circular economy, with a belief that all organizations are responsible for their imprint on the earth.


All the products that AMY puts out have a healthy lifecycle to them. AMY partners with local non-profits, donating a portion of its proceeds to help those organizations do its handiwork.


Not only that, but AMY also donates end-of-term furniture to families in the community who need it the most, helping them have their fresh start. All the furniture that gets donated gets sanitized and cleaned, ensuring they can have the fresh, fashionable furniture aspect.


It turns out, the world is in our hands. And we have the power to change it for the greater good.