10 Reasons You Need AMY Inspired in Your Life

Move over Pinterest, there’s a new home decor app (and website) on the scene. A virtual furniture hub that lets you furnish entire rooms in your home with just a few clicks, AMY Inspired takes the guesswork (and the price tag) out of interior design. Here, we outline a few situations where you’ll be especially thankful to have this handy application at your fingertips.


  1. You just bought a new house or just moved into a pricey new rental and don’t have the funds to purchase furniture. Similar to a car lease, AMY Inspired lets you rent furniture for terms of 12 to 42 months. If, at the completion of your rental term, you decide you can’t part from it, you can buy it from us!
  2. You move often. If you’re a professional on a long-term contract, and don’t want to invest in purchasing furniture, AMY Inspired lets you have the stylishly decorated home you want to live in now, without the commitment.
  3. Do you get bored easily and like to update furniture often? AMY Inspired lets you change things up every one to 3.5 years.
  4. You don’t want to drive out to a bunch of different furniture stores, or spend hours comparing furniture prices online. We’ve done the groundwork for you to curate a selection of stylish, quality pieces that look fabulous together.
  5. You don’t want to pay for delivery. Delivery fees can often amount to a quarter (or more!) of what you pay for a furniture item. Order your furniture online through AMY Inspired and we deliver it FREE.
  6. For you, assembling furniture is akin to a root canal. Sit back and relax while our pros put together your furniture pieces for you, without any added fees.
  7. You need some design inspo but a hiring a decorator is outside your budget. Using our website or our app, our in-house interior designer AMY will help you curate the ideal furnishings for your space. Through a questionnaire on the app, she’ll ask you about the size and functionality of the room. Next, she’ll make some inquiries about your interests to gain insight into your personal style. Finally, she’ll show you a virtual photo of what the room will look like fitted with her furniture recommendations.
  8. You’re a landlord and you want to increase your monthly revenue. Boost your income by offering a unit furnished by AMY Inspired.
  9. You care about being kind to animals. We don’t offer any leather furniture all of the pieces listed on our website are vegan.
  10. Giving back to the community is important to you. If you decide not to keep your AMY Inspired furniture after your lease runs out, we will clean it thoroughly and donate it to a local family in need.

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