How to Shop for Home Decor on Your Summer Travels

Travelling and shopping. Two of our favourite things. But baggage weight restrictions, tight travel budgets and jet lag-induced impulse buys can put a damper on our transcontinental shopping sprees. (You knew the oversized snow globe you picked up in Venice was a bad idea).


That said, a few thoughtfully selected, quality pieces can add interest to your space and be wonderful keepsakes that will serve as reminders of your travels for years to come. They also can be constants in a room where the furniture items might change every so often (here’s talking to you AMY Inspired furniture renters). Here are some tips for making sure the home decor pieces you pick up on your summer travels fit beautifully with your overall furniture esthetic.

Plan ahead.

If you’re going to a place where you know the shopping is fab, do a little research online to plan your purchases ahead of time. Heading to Morroco? You might want to pick up a handwoven rug or a leather poof for your living room. Is Venice in your travel plans? Plan to buy a beautiful Venetian glass vase for your dining room table. Is Peru your destination? An alpaca throw could look stunning on your sofa, and will come in handy during the colder months.

Measure early, measure often.

Whether you need a mat for your entryway or a rug for your bedside, you will be very glad to have those space measurements jotted down on a little piece of paper (or on a note pad on your phone) when you’re haggling with a vendor in a Bangladesh.

Take photos of the rooms in your home.

An item that looks beautiful in a night market in Hong Kong could look completely out of place in your home (case in point: that mustard green pillow cover you’re drooling over). Having a few photos of the rooms you plan on decorating saved on your phone can help keep your exotic decor purchases in context.

Buy the breakables.

You may be hesitant about splurging on those stunningly painted handcrafted pottery mugs in Fez, for fear of breaking them in your travels, but Samantha Simonton, AMY Inspired’s founder, says go for it. Just be sure to wrap them really well in your clothing when packing your suitcase and they’ll be okay, she says.

When in doubt, buy local.

Don’t make the mistake of coming home from Costa Rica with trinkets that are made in China. When shopping, be sure to ask vendors lots of questions about where the goods are made and what materials they are made from (i.e. natural materials versus synthetic). Nothing warms up a room and adds interest like an item handmade by an artisan from an exotic locale you once visited.


If you’re looking for rental furniture to pair with the pieces you pick up on your summer holidays, don’t hesitate to contact us at AMY Inspired. Our rental furniture app and rental furniture website can help! Happy summer travel shopping!