How to Prevent Pets from Damaging Your Furniture

We love nice furniture. And we love our pets. So why should we have to choose between the two? These clever tips will help keep your sofas, armchairs and other furniture items safe from the wrath of your furry friends.


Keep them occupied.

If your cat loves scratching the corner of your sofa, or your dog is using your armchair as a trampoline, there may be a lack of interesting things going on in their lives. Does Fido have enough toys to play with? Does Daisy have her own scratching post? Also, ask yourself whether you’re doing enough to keep them entertained. Spending more time playing with your cat or taking your dog for more walks could exhaust them to the point where they’ll have no more energy left to expend on your furniture.

Use Puppy Pads.

If you’re training a new puppy, be sure to use leakproof puppy pads to prevent any bathroom accidents from occurring on your furniture. Place a pad on the floor and train your pup to use it as their toilet, not your brand new sofa!

Apply a deterrent to your furniture.

Spraying furniture with the herbal NaturVet No Scratch Spray can be very effective when it comes to keeping cats off of your prized pieces. And many dogs won’t go anywhere near furniture items covered in Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray.


Have a stain remover on hand.

If you participate in our warranty program, you will receive a highly effective stain remover along with your furniture items.

Buy (or rent) furniture from a pet-friendly supplier.

Here at AMY Inspired, we don’t include a pet clause in your rental contract. We understand that our clients and customers will have pets in their family or have friends who bring them over. This is why pet-related damage such as dandruff that makes its way onto sofas, armchairs and other pieces is considered to be normal wear and tear. If you decide to return the furniture item(s) to us when your lease is up, we will steam them, vacuum them and use UV sanitation to sterilize them before donating the furniture pieces to a family in need.


To learn more about our pet damage policy related to rental furniture, contact us!