How to Maintain the Life of Your Furniture

You saved up and splurged on that iconic piece you’ve been dreaming of (hello, Eames lounge chair). You expect this classic investment item to stay with you for a long time (really, it goes with everything). So how do you protect your furniture to ensure it stays looking its best over the years? Consider these useful tips and tricks:

Choose fabric with the proper upholstery.

Sofas, chairs and ottomans upholstered in synthetic fibres withstand daily use better than those covered in other types of fabrics. If you have pets, avoid fabrics with loose weaves: they just beg to be scratched and clawed!

Keep furniture away from sunlight.

The sun’s rays can cause upholstery to fade and fray, especially if it’s a more delicate fabric such as silk. Try to place your furniture pieces outside of areas that receive sunlight for long periods of time.

Flip and rotate cushions.

Prevent permanent indentations from occurring on your sofa and chair cushions by rotating them periodically between positions and flipping them over.

Clean early, clean often.

Vacuuming your furniture every week helps remove dirt, dust, pet dander and oils. Once a year, have a professional deep clean your sofas and chairs. Or if you’re using a furniture rental service such as AMY Inspired, let us clean the pieces for you at the end of your lease.

Use furniture polish.

Prevent furniture scratches with regular polish applications.

Respect your furniture’s intended uses.

This means no children sitting on coffee tables, or jumping on sofas and beds!

Tackle stains immediately.

If a spill happens, be sure to deal with it right away. AMY Inspired offers a warranty on all rental furniture that covers damage resulting from normal wear and tear. The cost is just $5 a month (or 5 per cent of the price of the item). Stains normally set within 24 hours of spills occurring which is why the warranty comes with a hypoallergenic spray stain remover.


If the stain doesn’t come out, we’ll offer to steam the furniture piece for you. Nothing’s working? We’ll replace the furniture item. Pretty great, eh?


If you have any questions about maintain the life of your furniture, or about our warranty, contact us.