Expand Your Space With These Home Décor Hacks

Are you struggling with limited square footage? Let’s face it: whether you live in a 400-square-foot condo or an eight-bedroom mansion, it seems like there is just never enough room for all of our belongings. So today we’re sharing some home-décor tips to help you make the most of every inch of your home–and your life!

1. Use Light and Dark Colours.

The contrast of a fuchsia velvet sofa set against stark white walls in a living room can create the illusion of depth. You can apply this principal with either furniture items or paint itself (for instance, you could paint the upper cupboards in your kitchen white and the lower cupboards forest green).

2. Get Multifunctional.

These days, a number of furniture manufacturers are answering the needs of residents who are making the move to tiny homes or micro-sized condo units with furniture items that serve more than one purpose. How much sleeker would your space look and feel if you reduced the number of furniture items in your home by adding a coffee table that transforms into a dining table, and a living room sectional that converts into a guest bed?

3. Just Add Legs.

Placing furniture with exposed legs in your home can make a room feel bigger. This can also allow you to use the space underneath as storage. (And who doesn’t want a little extra space for their “stuff”)?

4. Go Big or Go Home.

A statement piece of furniture, large-scale piece of art and a large area rug can all create the illusion of more square-footage, as compared to a flurry of small items, which can look cluttered.

5. Mirror It.

Adding mirrors to your space has got to be the number one way to make it feel larger. (Bonus: never again will you have to run to the bathroom to check if you have lipstick on your teeth).

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