The Ultimate Sofa-Shopping Guide

On the market for a new sofa? Before you type “sofa” into your Google search bar, read this.


1. Focus on the Frame.

If there’s one item worth investing in, it’s a good couch. You’ll likely be sitting on it everyday so you want a good-quality piece that will see you through many years of wear and tear. Look for a piece with a solid wood frame instead of particle board or metal, as wood will be better able to withstand years of lounging and Netflix marathons.

2. Measure Early, Measure Often.

You’ll want to measure your space to ensure that your sofa will not only fit, but will also be proportionate to the size of the room. Along with measuring the dimensions of your space, before you set out on a shopping spree you’ll want jot down the size of the areas your couch will have to fit through, including stairways and door frames. If you have access issues, a couch with removable legs could be the answer.

3. Focus on Fabric.

Materials that will stand the test of time include cotton, linen and synthetics such as microfibre. If you have kids, or just generally want to prevent dirt from showing up, opt for a fabric that has a pattern or woven texture.

4. Choose Your Fillings.

One of the most economical choices for sofa fillings is Polyurethane foam, but this is available in many densities. Most people prefer a sofa that has a medium density. Too hard can be uncomfortable and too soft will likely require you to replace the piece in the not-too-distant future.
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